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Adapt-a-grid modular seat back panel

The newest addition to the GunMount family is the state of the art new Adapt-a-grid panel system.  The 16" x 24" panel uses a patent pending grid layout that allows you to mount about anything you can imagine to the surface.  From tactical gear and guns to any accessory that you may need while on the go.  The most flexible and cutting edge system available for your organizational purposes.

Adding a variety of grid insert blocks you can generate endless configurations that you can bolt or strap your gear to.  The revolutionary design allows for mounting vertical, horizontal, or on angles with ease.  Works well with Molle strap accessories also for the ultimate custom setup.

Quick mounting with strap mounts in a few different configurations allow for quick mounting and removal in about any vehicle you may have.  Flexible enough to be able to move from one to another in about a minute.

Made from aircraft aluminum and laser cut for precision fit the panels also come in several other sizes for other needs.