GunMount - FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

Most Common Questions about GunMount Products. 

Q - How easy is it to remove my AR-15 Rifle from the vehicle mount?
A - Easy....  it takes less than 1 second to remove the rifle even with the magazine in and loaded so long as the trigger guard lock is removed.  The easiest and quickest access available anywhere.

Q - How secure is your AR-15 Rifle mount?
A - Our Rifle mount is the most secure mount on the market.  When in the holder and locked in the rifle can not be fired.  The lock goes through the trigger guard and the mount holds the rifle so that the mag well is blocked so the rifle can not be pushed forward to activate the trigger.  The mount was designed for military and law enforcement use to ensure a "bad guy" cant discharge the weapon in the vehicle when secured.

Q - For the under steering column pistol mount do I have to drill holes in my truck?
A - No holes are needed for this mount.  We re-use the factory holes in the bottom of the steering column cover to mount the pistol holder.

Q - What vehicles can I use the AR Rifle mounts in?
A - The universal AR Rifle mount system is designed to work with most any AR style rifle and is adjustable for many common configurations including barrel length and flash hider or silencer use.  Each specific vehicle does require specific mounts to adapt the universal holder to your truck, car, or UTV.  Depending on where you want to mount the carrier you may need a mount adapter that is specific for your make and model of vehicle.  We do have several universal mounting adapaters also that work with round tubes in several sizes (OD - 2", 1.75", 1.5", & 1") and also several square tube adapters in several sizes (2x2, 1.75x1.75, 1.5x1.5, 1x1) in both 4 bolt side mount and center mount styles.  Flat mounts are also available in 2 offset lengths and adjustable to work with just about any flat or near flat surface.

Q - What are GunMount products made out of?
A - all of our AR mounts, center console pistol mounts, Steering Column mounts and secure boxes are made from 5052 Aluminum.  Strong, light weight, and durable.

Q - I didn't find a mount for my application in your products catalog.  Will you make products for my application?
A - If you didn't see what you needed on our site or in our catalog please let us know what it is.   In some cases we may be in product development making what you need now, and if not we are open to discussing special need or custom mounts and accessories to fit your need.