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Adapt-a-panel Secure Head Rest Mount kit for 16 x 24 panel mount kit for - Ford Raptor - Ford F150 - Super Duty - Toyota Tacoma 2015 up

Add on mounting kit for the Adapt-a-panel grid panel to bolt onto the back of the seat.  Works on both drivers side and passenger side seats.  Adjustable headrest support plate uses the head rest posts to secure the top and accommodates the seat to recline as normal without damaging the panel.  Second Generation Adapt-a-panel grid panels are the most customizable seat back organizer on the planet.  The new Adapt-a-grid design allows for your creativity to meet function.  Accomplish nearly any configuration for your gear with the patent pending design.  Using a combination of slots and grid inserts you can attach nearly any accessory to this panel and secure it for the ride.  The system accepts 1/4" bolt hardware in all of the slot areas and the grid insert parts are customizable for a range of adaptations.  The grid layout also works great with Molle strap accessories to fill in an open spot as needed.

Second Generation head rest plates have the second generation grid panel holes to support mounting accessories higher up as needed.

Works with base panel size 16" x 24" tall    

Other sizes are available also.  Check the web site for details on all available sizes and options.


  • Ford F150 - 2015 and up with bucket seat and head rest
  • Ford Raptor 2017 and up
  • Ford SuperDuty 2017 and up with bucket seat and head rest
  • Toyota Tacoma 2015 and up

Kit Includes:

  • 1 ea Head rest support plate with rubber grommets
  • 2 ea Lower seat pivot mount plates (one right one left)
  • 2 ea 10MM bolts for the lower mount
  • 2 ea lower bolt spacer tube
  • 7 ea 1/4 carriage bolts for head rest plate to mount to panel
  • 7 ea 1/4 ny-lock nuts


***** Panel not included
***** Other accessories in pictures not included
***** We do not sell guns or weapons


Category: Grid Panel, Seat panel accessories

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