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Adapt-a-panel Horizontal Slot Grid Insert mount kit

The - Made In America - horizontal slot Grid Insert plug provides a versatile slot that is used for installation of accessories on the Adapt-a-grid panel system.  The slot design allows for the use of both carriage bolts or standard bolts and can accept multiple bolts in the long slot for the ultimate flexibility for your needs.   Also allows for the use of Molle strap items in the middle of a grid section to make all strap type mounts work well.  Made in America from aircraft grade aluminum this insert kit has an alignment plug that fits into the grid section and a backer panel that doubles up the strength of the mount for even the heavy items you want to carry with you.  Laser cut for the ultimate accuracy and fitment and made in America as it should be.

Comes powder coated black texture finish

Included in kit:

  • Grid insert plug with Horizontal Slot hole
  • Grid backer plate with Horizontal Slot hole
  • 2 units of stainless steel hardware