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Adapt-a-panel Quick Release seat strap mount kit

Quick Release Universal seat back mount strap kit.  This strap kit is made from 1" durable nylon strap with quick release plastic buckles that allow you to adjust the length of the strap.  This kit uses special holes in the corners of the panel with special inserts to accept the quick release strap swivel.  The straps go around the head rest of the seat and base of the seat to attach the panel to the seat back.  Secure and quick release mounting kit allows you to install in about any vehicle or other application you can think of.  The quick release buckles allow you to move the panel from vehicle to vehicle quickly and easily when ever you need.

Kit comes with

  • 1 - 60" strap with adjustable buckle for seat base
  • 2 - 12" straps with adjustable buckles for the seat base 
  • 2 - 12" straps with adjustable buckle and d-ring to go around head rest posts
  • 4 - Quick Release strap swivels
  • 4 - Quick Release panel insert plugs and retainer nuts

*** Grid panel and other accessories shown in pictures not included.  those items can be purchased separately