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AR Rifle Mount - Universal Holder

The GunMount AR Platform Rifle mount is made from  Aircraft Grade Aluminum and fully adjustable to work with almost any configuration AR-15 or AR-10.  Length adjustable for different barrel lengths.  Modular flash hider ends to accommodate large, small , or even suppressors.  Simply the most modular mount available.

Works well with most AR-15 style rifles with most hand guard options.  Also works with AR-10 variant Rifles with the correct trigger guard section.  Also a version  that works with  the 9mm AR style rifles with smaller magwell.  Adjustable length works with SBR (For Barrels 10" and Shorter Please Call) or up to 28" barrel length.

Quick access design works great for on the move urgent needs of law enforcement or military and is still secure and lockable with a simple lock that secures through the trigger guard.  When locked into the mount the Rifle can not be fired and is secure.  Can be stored with magazine in place and a round in the chamber if needed.


***This is the Universal AR Rifle Holder ONLY and will not mount to any vehicle without the proper added mount***


*Add the attachment mount kit to fit your need and purpose. IE:

Adapt A Panel

Front Seat Mount 

Back seat Mount
Tube Mount
Side of console
and many more.....

If you  have a special need or use please contact us and lets work out your solution.***

****Refund Policy is 25% restock fee for returns. Must be shipped back by purchaser*****